list of characters/people from different media that i really like

the system goes like this

"ULTIMATE FAVORITE" (i can have more than one because i said so)

"current crush"

"former crush"

"i just like this one a lot"

one of these tags will be under every image (probably next to a rant about how cool they are)

neil cicierega


if i could choose to meet anyone in the world (dead or alive) i would choose to meet neil. i think thats explanation enough

Tom from eddsworld


ok so the guy who voices tom (tomska) has been one of my favorite people for literally my whole life so i gotta put his character at the top somewhere



ive been watching his content since july of 2021 and he just keeps getting better tbh

the warden from superjail

(current crush)

i would go in depth about how cool he is but im genuinely blanking rn so ill just say AAAAAAAAUGHUDASIJSDSFJKHDKSSGHDSJFGHDSKSJHFHEHEHEHEHEHEHEEHEHHEHEHEE and hope you understand